About the Nerd

Roland Henning is a German based magician, who pays his rent doing what he loves most. Doing cards tricks and everything else that requires sleight of hand. Like the comic character Roland the real Roland has a certain love hate relationship towards other magicians. This lead to the other blog he runs, called Weekly Magic Failure.

In that blog he does rants, jokes and comics... this is how Dead Marlo was created. The real Roland has a few things in common with his two dimensional alter ego. Both love red shirts and have a goatee. And both absolutely love to write about themselves in third person, because it is so edgy.

All other characters in this comic (aside from the wife) are a conglomerate of stereotypes that can be found in the magic community.

If Roland would be an artist he would draw the comic strips himself, but he is not. Magic consumes most of his time. Hunting for the next new idea, refining the act and coming up with goofy ideas, of which some make it into the comic.

He doesn't smoke, but still has a cigarette manipulation act. He doesn't like music and dance and has a slight case of the Tim Ellis.

Other hobbies involve World of Warcraft, mastering the Pen and Paper RPG "Earthdawn", H.P. Lovecraft and overall nerdiness.