Friday, February 19, 2010

Defining The Character!

The Good Old Times

Never Heard That One Before

Needlessly Complicated

Harvey and Me

What's The Catch?

The Transported Man

Getting the Props

A New Storyline

Learning Magic

Blasphemous Prediction

My Ellusionist Package

At Least!

Coming Home

Try Again

Spot the Name Dropping

It Must Be Painful

Not quite how it happened

Magic Convention

That Dream

I have torn so many cards... They will get me in the end.

Spot the Magician!

Don't Be A Copycat

Kind of odd that most magicians fail when they try to reproduce the features that Uri Geller does. They use the exact same method to bend the spoon, even the same words and all of that, but still they fall flat. Why? Because Uri Geller is not looked at as a magician.

And copying someones act is never good.

The Usual Suspects

This was kind of funny when I thought about it. I drops out of the usual 3 panel design, but it had to be there.

Mirror Maze

Some magicians are way too much into their looks.

XTM Tablehopping

Hans Klok claims to be the fastest magician in the world. I think he thinks, that fast is good. Which is true to a certain degree, but if you don't leve the spectators enough time to actually absorb the effect the magic is wasted.

Those Days

My wife knows more about magic than I might admit to myself. I try to keep stuff a secret. Normally she just rolls her eyes but I still wonder.

AM-Meeting aka Magic Circle

If you ever have been to a magic circle meeting it often seems like a collection of losers. There are nice people too, but it is kind of scary. Also this comic introduces Max as a background character.

Magic Harlotry

When my wife and I watched a talent show it pissed off both of us. The outrages background stories so we can emotionally connect with the participants. TV is a bitch.

The Perfect Costume

Really sometimes you get outrages requests by the clients. Dressing up like Harry Potter is just one of them. The weirdest one I ever got was to show up a stripper. No kidding.

Leaving Mindleak

Yes this is something you should never do among other performing magicians. Never ever perform too. This is considered unpolite as hell. That finishes the storyline about Mindleak.

Boosting the Ratings / Brain Storming

TV is a bitch... it forces one to do evil and even worse to use stooges.

Mind Leaking

When you know how certain things are achieved in magic you will realize that during the performance Criss Angel does little work. Which naturally creates the question is he even able to do the most basic stuff, like a coin vanish or a pass. (A pass is a card move that is kind of hard to do)


Lots of people, including me think that Criss Angel is a sissy. So I took that thought and applied it to my version.

Mindleak the Beginning

My second storyline is starting right here. Chrisss calls me to help him on his Show. This is a common practice with bigger magic shows. David Copperfield has his Chris Kenner and Criss Angel has Johnny Thompson. Chrisss got me... hehe

Running Gag 2nd Attempt

Does a bad running gag better if you keep it running? I don't know, but I was willing to try ;-)

Newspaper Prediction

Just some fun at the nerd in me. Actually my wife came up with that joke.

Stalker Romanticism

This comic strip refers to my other blog, where make fun of other magicians. Sometimes the controversy in the comments is really rough. I never got the last sort of comment, but the first four comments I actually got.

The Value of a Secret!

In magic only the effect matters to the audience. Since they don't know anything about methods that is all they can care for. This is quite a dilemma, because often the methods to achieve those effects are more interesting than the effect itself. I call those bad magic tricks.

Performance Anticipation

I have seen this. Magicians who instead of becoming nervous before the show seem to become extremely focused. But in reality they are not even listening. In my personal case it is actually a bit different. I get tired. Really tired. And only getting on stage actually gets rid of this.