Roland is the main character. His life is loosly based on the webcomic's creator's life, who's name is Roland as well. Both have a lot of things in common. Both love and do magic for a living. Both have a certain love hate relationsship towards other magicians. Both are cynical, snarly and love to point out failures. Both even run a Blog called But there are differences. The character is funny, quirky and has no weaknesses.

It's not that she hates magic. No she actually likes it. She just hates too much magic. And being married to a magician too much is easy to do. She knows so much about it that she cannot fully enjoy it anymore. Instead she started to enjoy it on a different level. It is no longer about the effects, but about the performers and their takes on the old plots.
Basically she got into a live and let live attitude... you got a better idea?

Dead Marlo is a spirit from the Afterlife. He was send here to give Roland the quest to start a blog about failures in magic. Going back did not go so well. So Dead Marlo is roaming the earth sometimes stopping by to say hello. His name is a stupid pun. Ed Marlo was a respected card magician who contributed tons of stuff to the magic community. So I guess his spirit was called for when the magicians of the past decided to send one of their own into the here and now to do the before mentioned task. In recent events it turned out that Dead Marlo can only be seen by Roland making him something like an imaginary friend. But that doesn't mean that he isn't a walking encyclopedia of card magic.

Chrisss is also a magician and somewhat more successful than Roland. Way more successful. He actually is the host of a popular Television show called Mindleak. Recently Chrisss has come out of the closet. Being a stage magician and being on TV, it would have been a serious shock to everybody if he had come out and said he was straight. He also faked his own death as a publicity stunt. What a trooper!

Cathy, poor Cathy... so many misfortunes in her life. And now part of a magic show. After many, many sessions with her psychiatrist she needed money. And her size made her ideal for a magic show, as she fits perfectly into little boxes. Inside she often cries, because nobody sees that. But her weeping sounds are so loud that the music needs to be turned up. So she shares the common faith of a "box woman". She likes magic. It gives her hope, hope that her life is not as miserable as it is. Hoping that one day she will emerge from the box and all of her problems are gone.

Josh is the prototypical nerd... not being aware of it of course. He likes card tricks and plays online MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. He has heard about the mythical creature known as woman and has always strived to meet one of them. But Magic Clubs and Internet Caf├ęs are not the best place to look for. Eventually he met Melissa. A geek girl with common interest. She plays a Level 90 Warlock and loves to "pwn" the "bitches" in the "BGs". She also loves card tricks and learning them like crazy. Her Elmsley count is smooth, yet her DLs need work.

Max, a very opinionated young man, who has a serious problem with his temper. Mostly calm, shy and unable to talk to strangers, he can be an outburst of emotion among people he knows well. Most don't like him because of that. Magicwise he has turned to mentalism but likes watching all kinds of magic. Mostly to hate them.